Bear Shaper Set + Digital Freebies!

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Shapeify shapers are made of a BPA-free, dishwasher and microwave safe, food grade plastic that makes it impossible for your treat to get smashed while removing from the shaper. The tab on the top makes it easy to pop it right out!

Product Dimensions are 5" x 2.5" x 1.5"

1. MAMA AND BABY BEAR SHAPER SET: You can be the VERY FIRST in your neighborhood to own ADORABLE Shapeify Bear Shapers! (Value $32.99)
​2. SHAPEIFY RICE KRISPY COOKBOOK: Over 60 DELICIOUS recipes that you will LOVE! They all take less than 15 minutes to make (some just 5 minutes)! You will have EVERYTHING you could think of from salted caramel, butterscotch, nutella, and cookie butter to triple chocolate, pumpkin pie, gingerbread, peppermint bark, cookie dough, brown butter and bacon, strawberry and SO MUCH MORE! (Value $29.99)



3. PRINTABLE GIFT TAGS: Be a gift-giving ninja! Package your treats using DARLING, printable tags! Designed to fold/staple right over the top of a cellophane bag! You will be the queen of whatever holiday/event you are prepping for with over 2 dozen different tags to choose from!  (Value $14.99)


4. HOW TO VIDEO COLLECTION: You will become an EXPERT at Shapeifying everything with using this video collection! There are tutorials for EVERYTHING from how to Shapeify the perfect bear, to decorating, troubleshooting, storing, and MORE! This is a SUPER helpful resource that you will love and come back to again and again! (Value $39.99)


​5. OTHER FOODS TO SHAPEIFY: There are SO many other fun foods to Shapeify: butter, cheeseballs, jello, rice, and MORE! There are also some FABULOUS ideas to help those picky eaters to eat their food! The sky is the limit!  (Value $14.99) 


​6. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU SHAPEIFY?: If you think you are limited to food, think again! There are TONS of different ways to use your Shapeify Shaper! There are crafts and activities for adults and kids alike! You will learn how to make everything from soap and bath bombs to playdough, sidewalk chalk, and kinetic sand! (Value $14.99) 


7. EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE SHAPEIFY FACEBOOK GROUP: We are so excited to make you an official "Shapeifier". In our private group we share exclusive deals, tutorials, ideas, recipes, and MORE! You also get to help decide what products you would like to see next...even help name them! (Value $49.99)