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Customer Review

“Mason has been wanting to help in the kitchen lately so I was really excited to try out these Shapeify bear molds with him! He loved helping me make the rice krispy treats, shape them into bears, and decorate them! These molds are made out of a hard plastic so there won’t be any thumb prints on the treats you make! I love that there are two sizes too! The smaller one makes the perfect size treat for little kids and it’s so cute!” 


Customer Review

"These molds are BPA free, and microwave and dishwasher safe. They are a harder texture so they don't bend and smash like say silicone molds would do. I added a little cooking oil to the mold before I pressed my Rice Krispies in, and it popped right out with no trouble at all."


Customer Review

“I’m obsessed with all the amazing food art I’m finding on Instagram and decided to try some with Londonrose. These bear molds from Shapeify made it so easy, and we ended up with these cute rice krispy treats!!”


Watch Our Bear Shapers In Action!

A Little About Us

Shapeify was started by 2 moms (and best friends) who like to make inexpensive, simple, and special treats/crafts. One also has VERY picky eaters and was looking for solutions to get those kiddos to eat! Both of us were also looking for a way to earn a little extra money from home so we could travel, build a savings, and pay for other needs our families have.Lo and behold, Shapeify was born! We are so excited to share our products with you, and the infinite ways that these adorable molds can be used. Even when we think we have thought of everything, we continue to find more uses for our molds, so we have decided to build a tribe of “Shapeifiers” where we will be sharing tips, tutorials, recipes, and photos of how we use our molds, and you can, too!If we can shape our food, anyone can! We are excited to have you join our tribe of Shapeifiers!

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